30 October 2020
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    12 October 2020
    Webinar on Circular Economy and innovative materials with the partecipation of architect Marco Capellini . The meeting will take place online Wednesday, October 14 at 17.30 on the Zoom platform. The ...
    9 October 2020
    A roadmap for the measurement of circularity, is the title of the article that Arch Marco Capellini, CEO of Matrec, wrote for magazine Management of Utilities and Infrastructures edited by Agici Finan...
    23 September 2020
    Architect Marco Capellini talks about his approach to sustainability and circular economy, presenting to Plast magazine, new composite materials made from recycled rubber, thanks to a collaboration wi...
    27 May 2020
    On June 10, 2020 from 14.55 to 16.00, will take place the webinar "MEASURE AND CERTIFY THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY" organized by Bureau Veritas, which will be attended as a speaker by arch. Marco Capellini. ...
  • L'anno verde che verrà. Interview with Marco Capellini of Affari&Finanza by La Repubblica
    10 January 2020
    What are the environmental sustainability scenarios for the coming years? How will the circular economy change companies' market strategies? And again, what will be the new consumption patterns? Ma...
    12 November 2019
    Sunday, November 24, 2019 Marco Capellini, will speak at the talk "Upcycling: from environmental to social value" at the EDIT space in via Maroncelli n.14, 16.00 - 18.00. MarkeTEAM Upcycling days i...
    25 October 2019
    In response to the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy, Marco Capellini, expert in environmental strategies and sustainability, will speak at the seminar promoted by Bureau Veritas to talk about c...
    24 September 2019
    Italia Circolare, an online magazine dedicated to the excellence of Italian environmental sustainability, interviewed Marco Capellini, who talks about his strategic consultancy activity in the field o...
    12 June 2019
    The arch. Marco Capellini, CEO of Matrec, will speak at the Energy Festival at the spaces of Triennale Milano to talk about circular economy. In this main national event, this year we will discuss po...
  • Coperture innovative e circolari in gomma riciclata
    6 May 2019
    With reference to innovative applications of recycled rubber, the realization of multifunctional and multivalent flat roofs, is an architectural trend that is becoming increasingly developing in north...
  • Salone del Mobile 2019: sustainability and circular economy
    11 April 2019
    Salone del Mobile in Milan is an international exhibition for new proposals from the world of design. The proposals for environmentally sustainable products are increasingly and the theme of the circ...
  • Circular materials for building sector
    13 March 2019
    The building sector is always looking for new sustainable material solutions to meet the various market needs. On the occasion of Made Expo in Milan, the arch. Marco Capellini had the pleasure to meet...
  • Marco Capellini speaker at the event: Re-Think Circular economy forum
    15 February 2019
    A day dedicated to the Circular Economy in Italy took place February 14 in Milan at the Catholic University; where experts, large companies and startups presented their virtuous activities. The aim o...
  • Circular economy. The role of cities as a driver for the development of the circular economy
    23 November 2018
    A conference organized on the occasion of the Genoa Smart Week, about city issues and how these can be protagonists of circular economy. The conversion towards renewable electricity and thermal source...
  • New circular products made of recycled rubber from ELT
    5 November 2018
    “Rethinking the materials to give them a new identity and value is an activity as Capellini studio we are developing with successfully. We are collaborating with companies from different sectors to ...
  • (Italiano) Conferenza N-ZEB: una nuova prospettiva per lo sviluppo sostenibile
    8 June 2018
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  • (Italiano) Conferenza: Design Circolare per un futuro sostenibile
    25 May 2018
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  • (Italiano) Economia circolare ed uso efficiente delle Risorse. Indicatori per la Misurazione dell’economia Circolare
    17 May 2018
  • (Italiano) L'arch. Marco Capellini relatore alla conferenza nazionale sulle sfide per l'economia circolare presso il Ministero Ambiente.
    24 April 2018
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  • Arch. Marco Capellini flies to Mexico as Italian expert about Circular Economy
    25 March 2018
    Marco Capellini has been invited to present his activity on products and circular materials at SIDI26 (XXVI International Industrial Design Symposium), organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the ...
  • Measuring the Circular Economy
    20 February 2018
    Every economic activity is measurable in order to assess precisely the results obtained through a budget (its efficiency or inefficiency). Therefore all circular “economy” actions must necessarily...
  • Measure the circularity of a public lighting system
    15 November 2017
    It is one of the first projects carried out to international level to measure circularity of a product and/or service and was realized by Hera Luce with the collaboration of Marco Capellini's professi...
  • (Italiano) Green Fashion Week a Roma
    8 November 2017
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  • (Italiano) L'arch. Marco Capelini alla tavola rotonda sulla Green Fashion Week
    6 November 2017
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  • (Italiano) Convegno: verso un modello di economia circolare per l’illuminazione pubblica
    20 October 2017
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  • +mob - IX Congress on furniture design in Medellin
    27 September 2017
    The 9th National Congress on South American Furniture Design is being held in Medellin, Colombia on 3 and 4 October. This year the focus is on circular materials, environmental sustainability and ecod...
  • Measure the circularity of a product
    27 July 2017
    Measuring the circularity of a product or service must be the objective of all companies to take note of the quantities and types of natural resources used, among other things, in terms of: - renewab...
  • Towards a new circular economy model for Italy: public consultation
    12 July 2017
    Towards a new model of circular economy for Italy, it is a document framing and strategic positioning carried out by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry...
  • (Italiano) Costruire il “valore” di un prodotto per renderlo maggiormente competitivo
    23 March 2017
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  • (Italiano) Economia circolare: tra riuso e manutenzione
    27 February 2017
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  • Which circular economy strategy for air conditioners companies in Italy
    26 January 2017
    Project objective is investigate and highlight the advantages, disadvantages and solutions for manufacturers of air conditioners, with reference to the circular economy document by EU Commission. In p...
  • Measuring the products circularity: meeting at Italian Council Presidency
    1 December 2016
    The November 30, 2016 there was a meeting of the working group on circular economy, promoted by Italian Council of Ministers. The initiative, launched in March 2016, has carried on a pilot project to ...
  • Survey: Today I take to rent a pair of shoes!
    12 September 2016
    Presentation of survey results conducted in Italy to assess how the circular economy can generate new models of market development. Are Italians willing to take to rent a pair of shoes? 42% said yes!...
  • Marco Capellini flies to Argentina: circular economy and product ecoinnovation
    7 September 2016
    Circular economy and eco-product innovation are the themes that Arch. Marco Capellini, in collaboration with Matrec, presented in Argentina (August 26 - September 2), during a conference at the Austr...
  • From product to service: implications and opportunities for the furnishing sector following the principles of circular economy.
    4 July 2016
    Starting from four different market scenarios in which the piece of furniture becomes a service, the project assessed implications and opportunities for some production companies and for those in the ...
  • Marco Capellini speaker at the conference "BUILDING A ZERO WASTE"
    1 July 2016
    June 30 was held in Rome at the "House of Architecture", the conference "BUILDING A ZERO WASTE - Prevention, upcycling, superuse waste in construction". The conference explored the possibilities and ...
  • (Italiano) Convegno Agritettura - nutrire il cantiere. Firenze 26 maggio
    23 May 2016
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  • The quality of environmentally sustainable products. Convention Ecopneus April, 1 and 2.
    11 April 2016
    "How to design and produce environmentally sustainable products with high quality" it is the subject of the presentation by arch. Marco Capellini at Ecopneus convention that organized in Milan on Apri...
  • Calculate the circularity of a product: meetings for companies
    10 March 2016
    To contextualize the topic of circular economy to enterprises, and in particular for the products, Marco Capellini in collaboration with Matrec, organizes some meetings to present as the circular econ...
  • (Italiano) Economia circolare: audizione di Marco Capellini alla Commissione ambiente del Senato
    2 March 2016
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  • Report Circular economy in Europe — Developing the knowledge base
    18 January 2016
    The report describes the concept of the circular economy and outlines its key characteristics. It draws attention to both the benefits and challenges in transitioning to such an economy and highlight...
  • Circular Economy for Italian system
    15 January 2016
    Marco Capellini participated, on January 14th, at the meeting organized by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers about the question of circular economy. The meeting was focussed to learn ...
  • (Italiano) Marchio di Qualità Ecopneus: incontri di formazione
    17 December 2015
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  • How Circular Is Circular? by Marco Capellini
    15 December 2015
    Published by Renewable Matter. The extremely rapid spread of this term calls for the adjustment of instruments enabling companies and users to provide and receive effective information on the “circ...
  • (Italiano) L’Arch Marco Capellini relatore al seminario Materiali e prodotti della sostenibilità
    3 December 2015
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  • A@W Seminar - Circular economy and renewable materials for architecture and design
    25 November 2015
    By Architect Marco Capellini – Matrec In an international context where circular economy and sustainable materials are increasingly aiming at introducing norms and rules to preserve the natural res...
  • A@W 2015. Marco Capellini is the curator of the RENEWABILITY exhibition, Milan 25-26 November
    24 November 2015
    Second meeting in Milan for this exhibition event which is specifically created for architects and designers, 25-26 November 2014 at MiCo – Fiera Milano Congressi. After the success of the first edi...
  • Apple, Adidas boast China's greenest supply chains
    18 November 2015
    Apple, Adidas and H&M have the "greenest" supply chains among the 167 brands evaluated by the Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) (PDF), a system for assessing companies’ sustainable...
  • Marco Capellini to Ecomondo 2015: CIRCULARItaly, the circular economy materials
    5 November 2015
    Interview to Arch. Marco Capellini of MATREC and Arch. Gianni Terenzi of EnerGia-Da. Marco Capellini is the curator of the exhibition "CircularItaly: the materials of circular economy", in collaborati...
  • Child labour in the fashion supply chain
    3 November 2015
    Around 260 million children are in employment around the world, according to the International Labour Organisation. Of them, the ILO estimates that 170 million are engaged in child labour, defined by...
  • Levi Strauss strategy about circular economy: takeback system of all old clothes and shoes
    27 July 2015
    What’s wrong with this picture? It’s entirely linear. It’s birth to death. And it’s wasteful. At Levi Strauss & Co. we want to change that by taking another step forward on our journey tow...
  • Lego search for sustainable materials
    8 July 2015
    LEGO Group announces a significant investment of DKK 1 billion dedicated to research, development and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials to manufacture LEGO® elements as well as packag...
  • Circular economy strategies by Castorama
    26 June 2015
    Following the circular economy priciples, Castorama, the leading DIY and home improvement brand in France, started in the spring of 2013 a collaboration with Veolia to recycle wood waste generated at ...
  • Sustainable Trends: scenari e tendenze di sostenibilità dall’impresa alle scelte del consumatore
    16 June 2015
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  • Stonyfield: organic products and traceability of the supply chain
    9 June 2015
    Stonyfield is an American company that by years produces organic food products such as yogurt, fruit juices, milk, ice cream. From the company’s website you can see and trace the origin of all ra...
  • 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study
    1 June 2015
    The 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study reveals one major takeaway for companies: global consumers have officially embraced corporate social responsibility – not only as a universal e...
  • Sustainability and circularity: toward a new economy
    26 May 2015
    The transition from a linear to circular economy it is a demonstration that careful product design, that consider the resources used along life cycle (with particular attention to end of life product ...
  • Ecopneus ottiene la Certificatazione Social Footprint «AAA»
    25 May 2015
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  • Grande successo per la presentazione della Certificazione Social Footprint
    30 April 2015
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  • Research project MADE IN FOOD WASTE
    20 April 2015
    50 products made with materials from food waste Objects, lighting fixtures, clothing, chairs and vases, are examples of products made with materials from the recovery of food waste as fish skin, ca...
  • European Commission will present an ambitious circular economy strategy in late 2015
    10 April 2015
    The Commission is aiming to present a new, more ambitious circular economy strategy late in 2015, to transform Europe into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic...
  • The Behind the Brands Food Companies Scorecard
    30 March 2015
    Since 2013 Behind the Brands assesses and assigns a score to the agricultural sourcing policies of the world’s 10 largest food and beverage companies, focusing on publicly available information that...
  • Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe
    25 September 2014
    Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and Council: towards a circular economy. The Commission will further analyse the major market and governance failures which hamper the a...
  • From Ecodesign to Footprint Design: from the local to the global context
    24 January 2014
    By Architect Marco Capellini The eco-design strategies implemented so far at an international level to improve the environmental impact of products and services have pursued a variety of courses an...
  • Design for Social-Environmental Sustainability
    18 October 2013
    Interview with arch. Marco Capellini that illustrates the strategies of Design for Socio-Environmental Sustainability, presenting cases of virtuous companies. The interview was conducted with ref...
  • Class A+ design stories: towards pipeline design
    7 July 2013
    By Architect Marco Capellini The product pipeline, meant as the group of entities through which product components take shape (materials, finishes, components, and others), is now more transparent ...
  • Cos’è la biodiversità e perché è importante conservarla
    9 June 2013
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  • Quale evoluzione per l’ecodesign
    22 May 2013
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  • Sviluppo Sostenibile: dalla nascita ai primi approcci
    8 March 2013
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  • Strategie di sostenibilità per l’edilizia
    11 December 2012
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  • Ecodesign for Social Sustainability
    1 December 2012
    Interview to the Architect Marco Capellini from ddn What is your role and your contribution within the Ministry team. that is responsible for the programme? I worked with a team of experts that fo...
  • Sviluppo Sostenibile: la svolta diventa ufficiale
    12 February 2012
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  • Macef Sustainable Home: video of the exhibition
    8 September 2011
    The video reportage of the products exhibition which saw the involvement of over 60 companies exhibiting at Macef.
  • Ecodesign is not a trend, it’s an industrial necessity
    27 June 2011
    Interview to the Architect Marco Capellini You say that ecodesign is not a trend but an industrial problem and necessity, why? Historically, environmental considerations have not been integrated i...
  • From Ecodesign to Design for Sustainability
    27 April 2010
    By Architect Marco Capellini In recent years the significance of the term “sustainability” has been articulated to include, beyond an environmental component, also an economic and social one. ...
  • Energie rinnovabili e bioenergie
    14 March 2010
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  • Verso un’economia a basso contenuto di carbonio
    3 March 2010
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  • Cambiamenti climatici ed energia
    15 January 2010
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  • Towards a new italian design for sustainability
    11 November 2009
    By Architect Marco Capellini In the past few years we have seen gradually growing attention towards environmental issues. The warnings of environmentalist associations and scientists on the disaste...
  • Strategies of Ecodesign
    6 October 2009
    By Architect Marco Capellini Since the second half of the ’80’s, the environmental problematic – tied to the “indefensibility” of actual lifestyles, of production and consumption, of exce...
  • Ecodesign and product innovation
    18 September 2009
    By Architect Marco Capellini On the international level the demand is growing on the part of businesses to renew their products and processes with which to face up to competitive pressures, to incr...
  • Recycling and eco-innovation: paper
    1 September 2007
    By Architect Marco Capellini It’s one of the materials found everywhere in daily life: from newspapers to books, packaging to tissues, there isn’t a single sector that doesn’t make some use o...
  • Recycling and eco-innovation: aluminium
    1 June 2007
    By Architect Marco Capellini Despite the fact that aluminium is abundantly present in nature, the first applications on an industrial level began little more than a century ago, when the first comp...