A new “skin” for recycled rubber made from end-of-life tyres

The project is focused on the need to create a new identity for recycled rubber made from end-of-life tyres, to create new material solutions. Starting from the characteristics and properties of recycled rubber and through the combination with other sustainable materials such as leather, cork, fabrics, bamboo, felt, paper and wood, they are developed 15 new eco-innovative materials for different commercial sectors, in particular for interiors, design, fashion, nautical and construction. A project characterized by research, prototypes and application solutions to achieve the best results from the point of view of functionality and aesthetics. The results are a concrete example of circular economy which opens new scenarios and opportunities for all the companies that are looking for innovative and environmentally sustainable material solutions.

The project was promoted by Ecopneus and realized by Matrec, for the part material and research, with the support of Marco Capellini sustainable design & consulting, for the strategic part.

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