Label quality by Ecopneus

Starting from the need to Ecopneus to create a tool that can qualify and track the material obtained from the recycling of end of life tires, the project is focused on the development of a quality label with three main aspects:

  • properties and characteristics of the material,
  • environmental aspects,
  • social aspects.

To facilitate the introduction of the label within the supply chain, it was adopted a regulation validated by certification body.
The certification is divided into two levels that the companies can achieve gradually. Another important aspect of certification is represented by the visual communication for the B2B and B2C market.
The final results have been very positive and appreciated by Ecopneus companies that with this certification have the opportunity to use the label as a vehicle of communication and traceability of materials.
The project was been promoted by Ecopneus and developed by Marco Capellini sustainable design & consulting. The regulation to obtain certification and the label has been developed in collaboration with Certiquality.

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